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Tied Toes

Tied Toes

So I don’t have anything too special for the 4th, except for my famous collection of bound feet pics.  But let me tell you, these can all make me explode.

Have a good 4th of July, all my readers in the USA!  Tomorrow, I introduce you to my latest cyber slave.  They just get more and more pathetic…

And there’s going to be a lot more happening this holiday weekend as well.  Look for various extra posts!


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Reader Submission:  Feet Candid, Radek, and more–all in chains & cuffs

Reader Submission: Feet Candid, Radek, and more–all in chains & cuffs

Ran across these hot and bound feet on Flickr.  I think Metalbond would enjoy these, as they are all chain and cuff related.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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This final pic is a submission from Radek, who said someone from another site told him this would be a good place to submit his chained feet.  I agree!  Don’t you?


And I’ve got one more, but I apologize that I lost track of the screen name!  If you recognize yourself, please contact me and remind me!


This last was was just a net find, but it fit in to the theme perfectly, so I thought I’d include it.