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TFG:  Late Bloomer, Part 2

TFG: Late Bloomer, Part 2

As I left off, I was starting to acknowledge my burgeoning gay side in college.  Again, since there was no internet option at the time, the newspaper was my only real option.  It was then I put out a personals ad in the local paper.  The equivalent today would probably be a Craigslist ad.  I still remember to this day that my headline was “Discrete Adventure”, with my basic stats.  I only got one respondent who was in his 40s.  Being only 20, that sounded old to me, but I decided to give it a go.  This is how I met James (not his real name–none of the names in this story are real).

I was very lucky that James turned out to be a very nice guy, and very young looking for his age.  He did take me through my first sexual experiences, all oral.  He loved blowing me, and who was I to argue?  There was no fucking–the topic never even came up, and I had no interest in it–but I do still remember that after he sucked me off, he would want me to stand over him naked and fondle myself while he jerked himself off.  This was such a common way for us to end, I remember even asking him with sincerity, “Do all guys finish like this?”  He laughed and said no.

Before and after, he would also regale me with stories about other guys he had sex with, and I was amazed.  He’d see a guy at the grocery store, and then they’d be in the stockroom having sex 10 minutes later.  It was a world that was totally beyond me.  I probably was with him sexually on and off for about a year.  I never really considered us dating, nor do I think did he.  We were just what would now be called fuck buddies.

Now that I had gotten some experience, I was more intense about some of my later college crushes.  I did get in a bit of a love triangle… I had a huge crush on a guy named Juan, and his best friend Xander had a crush on me.  Xander was a bit overweight and smoked, which were big turn offs for me.  Juan, though, was funny, slim, and sexy.  He did smoke as well, but infrequently.  He was also very sexual, and loved teasing me.  Like James, Juan would also tell me wild stories about his sexual adventures.  He knew I was totally into him, but we didn’t do anything until years later, although we did become good friends.  (I never did do anything with Xander, nor did I ever get very close to him.)

But aside from James, none of my gay sexual urges were being acted on.  That changed a bit with a crush I developed at my first job.  There was a guy named Christian who was a totally funny and innocent twink.  Man, did I go for him.  And he seemed to like me, we bonded instantly.  I was still young and naive, and still wasn’t sure where exactly this was going.  But in probably less than a week I spent the night at his house.

He had a waterbed.  We began with playful wrestling (doesn’t it always?).  His hand “accidentally” brushed my crotch.  I remember saying, “Careful, or you might get me hard.”  There was a pause, and then he meekly replied, “Would that be a bad thing?”  I stared at him as I had him pinned under me, and complete understanding hit me.  And like a bad gay teen movie, I dove in with a kiss.  We made out like crazy and explored each other’s bodies (although I resisted his feet, because he seemed self-conscious about then and was very ticklish there to boot).  We did suck each other off, and his mouth was tireless.  He did start by saying, “Some holes are one-way only,” which I laughed and agreed.  Afterwards, he told me I was his first.  I thought that was pretty awesome, and I felt like a bit of a role model to him like James was to me.

We did have sex one other time not long after, but after that, we sort of drifted apart.  But I did still see James throughout, and he was quite happy for me and Christian.

As my college years were winding down, I took a trip with my parents over the summer.  By then, the evidence was mounting that I was gay, and I was planning to telling them after this trip.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach it, as I’ve said before, my family didn’t really talk about this sort of thing.  I ended up getting hurt during the trip.  I was okay (minor fracture), but it was an ordeal at the time, and we had to find a hospital while on vacation.  Once I was recovered and out of the hospital, I called James and told him about it.  My parents were in the room, but I just told them I was calling a friend.  I guess my demeanor must have changed a lot, because after I hung up, there was a long pause, and then my father asked softly, “Was that your boyfriend?”

I was in shock.  I hadn’t expected them to approach the topic first.  It took me completely off guard.  I paused and replied, “Well, I was planning to talk to you about that after we got home.”  He just nodded, and then acted like nothing had happened.  Of course, when we did get home, I had no idea how to bring it back up again, so I didn’t.  After all, I didn’t think of James as my boyfriend.

I got close with another person from that same job where I had met Christian, a guy named Noel.  He was different because he was straight.  But boy, did I have a crush on him.  He was thin, blonde, and had a killer smile.  He was funny and kind.  It actually took me a while to realize it was a crush, because I think it was even a bit deeper than that… I think I loved him, but didn’t really realize it at the time.  He loved me too, but it never did become sexual.  Not even a kiss.  It was like I loved him too much to even go that route.  At the time, it honestly seemed beyond sexual.  Besides, I was quite sure he was straight, and at the time… well, I wasn’t quite sure what I was, let alone how I should deal with how I felt about him.  Thought I’m quite sure he didn’t know I had a foot fetish, he teased me with his feet.  I would pretend to be grossed out, but secretly, I wanted to suck and kiss them so badly.  We would roughhouse a bit, and his body had a very sexy smell that I still remember and miss to this day.

I continued being very close to Noel, even though nothing overtly sexual was happening.  We were just best, best friends.  Sadly, after a year, he enlisted in the military, and was about to move to Texas.  I literally cried like a baby in my mother’s arms when he left.  Fortunately, we did write often with letters that were pages long (again, before the internet and email).

It was while he was gone that I answered someone else’s ad in the newspaper, and I got my first boyfriend.  I won’t bore you with all that right now, as the point of all this is how I came to understand my sexuality.  I was pretty confident by then.  I told other family members and friends, including Noel when he came back to visit during a leave.  He did confirm that he was straight, but that he was my friend, and didn’t care.  Another awesome TV movie-type moment, but it was true.

It took my parents longer to come around and talk about it openly with them, but in time, they did.  And while I’m no longer with that first boyfriend (went through two serious relationships before I met the guy I’m with now), they fully support my current relationship.  It’s been great.

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TFG:  Late Bloomer, Part 1

TFG: Late Bloomer, Part 1

Note from TFG: After over 10 years of content, I think it could occasionally be good and repost some of my favorite posts over the years. So enjoy this trip down memory lane.

I’ve mentioned before that I was a late bloomer.  I thought I should expand on that, so that others can possibly related to my story, or at least parts of it.

When I was growing up as a teenager, there was no internet.  So for all you young’uns, imagine this site didn’t exist, as well as every social network you can think of.  No Grindr, Scruff, GearFetish, Fetlife, Reddit, Recon, or any other forum.  Doesn’t leave you with much, does it?  All you had available was TV, books, magazines, and the phone (and I’m talking landlines here).  Granted, the book and magazine scene was larger, which helped a little bit… if you knew where to go to get materials, or were able to.

I was in self-denial for a while.  Well, maybe not self-denial as much as I didn’t even think about it.  My family was very nice and relatively open-minded, but sex, let alone being gay, was rarely talked about.  I think my parents took the “let’s not talk about it, and let them discover it for themselves” approach.

Looking back, there was one small sign of unspoken tolerance.  Our next door neighbors were two older women who lived together.  Looking back, they basically fit the stereotypes of a lesbian couple.  But they had a pool, and we didn’t, and they were kind enough to let us use their pool when we were kids.  My parents would often come over and talk with them as we swam.  My parents never said anything about them being gay, although I’m sure they knew.  I thought it was a bit odd at the time (I was quite young myself, probably pre-teen), but since my parents didn’t say anything about it, I didn’t either.  Perhaps setting up how I’d deal with my own feelings later on.

As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, I did have an inkling I liked bondage even at an early age.  I tied myself up quite a bit in my room with a jump-rope, roll up in a rug, or even string if necessary.  (See this post for more details, it has a very amusing story about how I first ejaculated with my Spiderman doll tied to my dick.)  Later, I would notice myself staring at guy’s feet.  I didn’t know why, I just did, and it excited me inside.  I knew this wasn’t quite “normal”, but I was drawn to them.  Remember, you couldn’t just go and look this up online.  There was no online, and no real sense that there were other people having those same thoughts and feelings.  Hence why so many people felt so utterly alone and isolated.  I didn’t really understand this until much, much later.  We’re talking even beyond my 20s.

But you know how most guys eventually discover their dad’s porn stash?  I was no exception.  My father was definitely straight, and my eye tended to lean towards those uncommon occasions a guy was included in the pics.  As is the stereotype, most of the guys in straight porn aren’t exactly attractive, but I manged to enjoy a few.  But the most interesting part?  The porn mags were largely called Leg Show, which seemed to lean towards women’s feet.  Part of me wonders if a foot fetish can be genetic…

In high school, I got along with girls great.  (Imagine that.)  I didn’t have a lot of guy friends, but it didn’t seem to matter too much when I had so many girls around me.  I did manage to date girls in high school, because quite a few were infatuated with me.  I was cute then as now, lol.  I never much went past the make out stage, though, before we’d lose interest.  I did start to develop crushes on guys, which I never said anything to anyone about.  Again, I didn’t really understand it.  I don’t even think I would have known it was called “gay” at the time.  In my mind, these weren’t crushes.  They were my “secret friend.”  Secret because only I knew they were my friend.  Kinda strange, but that’s how I justified it in my mind.

I loved to read.  And around then a YA (Young Adult) book came out called Slumber Party, by Christopher Pike.  It was one of the first YA books that I knew of that was written as a thriller murder mystery, and you can argue it paved the way for books such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Divergent to be as successful as they are now.  This book was wildly successful in the YA market, and he wrote many others.  A fair number of them contained mild bondage.  Also at the same time was a book called Blind Date by R. L. Stine, who is still very big with the YA and juvenile book scene.  This was one of his first YA books, and I mention it because the climatic chapter has an extended scene with the main guy tied to a chair and tortured (semi-graphically for a YA novel).

I mention all that because I decided to write my own “books” in high school (averaging about 60 pages or so each), staring both my friends and guys I had crushes on.  Invariably, in these stories, many of my gay crushes ended up tied up.  I even shared these novels amongst some of my friends, and they actually became somewhat popular.  Since they were sort of adventure/mystery stories, having guys tied up in them (and a few girls… the plot sometimes worked out that way) wasn’t unusual.

Entering college, I had to take a class that forced us to do a personal  journal.  It was here that I first wrote down that while I suspected I’d be married to a girl one day, I really wanted to try something with a guy.  I believe I wrote, “If I don’t make out with a guy, I may die.”  I did still think I’d ultimately be with a girl.  There was one girl all throughout high school that I was very close to.  And my parents, especially my father, would often nudge me to girls.  It think it was around here that I began to acknowledge I had at least some gay feelings… but I was still convinced I’d be with a girl one day.  Guys were just a fleeting thing.

Still, I wanted to see.  That lead me to put out a personals ad in the paper.  But more on that next week…

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TFG Early Influences:  XY Magazine

TFG Early Influences: XY Magazine

Only a couple of yeas after I started to realize I was gay (in my early 20s… I was a late bloomer, that may be another story one day), I somehow ran across the magazine XY.  Obviously, the very hot guy on the cover caught my eye.  I was starting to get tired flipping through my sister’s issues of Seventeen in an effort to find cute guys.  Here was a very glossy, professional looking magazine that was chock full of hot, young guys.  With lots of varied articles.  To be honest, I probably didn’t read a lot of them, but I did appreciate they were there, and that they were trying to cover a lot of aspects about being a gay guy.

xymag (2) xymag (3) xymag (4)

Actually, the letter in the pic above was quite touching… and while we’ve made a lot of progress since then, I’m sure there are plenty of guys who still feel this way.  (Feel free to click the pic to make it larger.)

As I recall, I had already bought some kink porn, but I had yet to buy vanilla porn.  This was the closest I came, and even this mag crossed over to kink territory often.  One of their main advertisers was Model Guys Feet (the leading site for twink foot fetish at the time), and they certainly didn’t shy away from showing guy’s feet.  Even Bound and Gagged didn’t show feet much, so this was my first time becoming aware of this as a separate fetish.  And they even hinted at bondage here and there.  So it really did have something for every budding gay male.

This guy in the pics below is someone I had a bit of a crush on.  I’m not embarrassed to say I jerked off to him, his feet, and his open mouth (imagining him going down on me with it) many times.

xymag (5) xymag (6)

The magazine didn’t last a super long time, maybe 3 years, with very intermittent publishing in it’s later years.  I couldn’t afford to subscribe at the time, but I probably bought about 4-5 issues, and while I only have 2 now, I still have some very vivid memories of them.

TFG Early Influences:  Zach

TFG Early Influences: Zach

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my first experiences being exposed to gay kink was my first purchase of Bound & Gagged magazine.  But even before that, I discovered Zach.

What was Zach?  At the time, it was a very small, basically homemade “magazine” of a single model in bondage and nude positions.  I put magazine in quotes because it was so homespun, it was really about 12 xeroxed pages literally stapled together.

I found it at an alternative bookstore in Los Angeles called Amok books (it’s no longer there, although it still exists as a website).  This store specialized in very underground, counter-culture books.  Topics would include cultivating your own drugs, weapons, revenge, trepanation, UFOs, hypnosis and mind control… the list went on and on.  This was no Barnes & Noble, that’s for sure.  I wasn’t really into most of it, but I did find many of the titles interesting, particularity the true life crime.

But anything counter culture was welcomed, so they did carry some gay titles.  Probably more for shock value–it was that kind of store–but that was fine with me, because that’s when I saw Zach.

I was actually quite nervous to buy it.  I was afraid I’d look like a pervert.  But then I thought about what kind of store I was in in the first place, and decided to go for it.  The guy behind the counter just rang it up as if I were buying milk at the grocery store… didn’t even blink an eye or question me, much to my relief.  I remember being so excited by this purchase, that as soon as I got in the car, I had to open it up and jerk off a quick one then and there in the car.  And I generally wasn’t that brazen about that sort of thing at the time, so that was quite a memory.

I’ve scanned a few pages of it below, and the cover is the header image of this post.

IMG_4533 IMG_4534

As you can see now, it was a relatively early work of Castro.  I didn’t really know who he was at the time, but I obviously became quite a fan, and he lead me to other gay bondage books and magazines, and made my ultimate purchase of Bound & Gagged a bit easier to do (although that was still a bit nerve wreaking for me, since that one was more explicit about the kink on the cover and the title, while Zack was admittedly a bit more subtle about it–at least, to me at that tender age).

Almost as hot as the pics were some of the ads.  You can see the page for Tom of Finland.  There was also a full page ad for a fetish movie called, “8 Guys in Gasmasks:  The Movie”, of which the title tells you all.  But I do remember the pics included a guy in a football jersey bound up with a gasmask on–the football jersey being an inkling to me that fetishes can come in many shapes and sizes.

Part of me wonders if it’s valuable in any way.  If anyone does have more knowledge about it, please let me know!

TFG Early Influences:  Bound & Gagged Magazine

TFG Early Influences: Bound & Gagged Magazine

One of the first times I truly came to terms with my kinks was finding my first issue of Bound & Gagged magazine.  You see, I grew up in an era without the internet.  I know, you kids today… can you even imagine that?  There was a time where if it wasn’t in a book, a TV, or a movie, you weren’t going to find it.

I was probably either too young or too shy to enter a porn store, but there was a chain of hip, independent record stores called Tower Records (now gone).  They were actually a big deal for a while, even having a famous store off the Sunset Strip.  While they obviously sold a great selection of albums, focusing mostly on alternative music, they also had a pretty large newsstand.  And it was there I saw my first issue of Bound & Gagged.  Number 45, to be exact.

Photo Dec 28, 10 56 26 AM
You can even still see the price tag… it was on sale for $3.00.

This magazine opened up my eyes.  I couldn’t believe there were so many people who were into the idea of gay male bondage.  The magazine was full of true life stories, picture sets, illustrations, and even safety tips.  Not to mention the insanely hot ads for Graphik video.  They weren’t shy about feet, orgies, being used as a slave, or many of the things that I sort of take for granted now when I look for material for my blog.  But at the time, it was virtually life changing.  I was so nervous buying it, but something in me told me that I absolutely had to do it.  It was as if I knew I really had no choice.

I bought many more issues.  I don’t recall if I subscribed… I probably didn’t, as I think I was still living at home, and wasn’t sure if I could explain it (let alone have a checking account to mail in a payment).  So I don’t have a complete set by any means.  But I do have to say that it was probably one of the earliest, and biggest, steps in my kink life.  (The very first?  A small indie mag called Zack, by a guy named Rick Castro.  More on that another time…)

The amazing thing is that the editor of the magazine, Bob Wingate, is still around and blogging.  I even got a letter from him once, way before I ever began this blog and created my current identity.  As I seem to recall, one issue stated they were going to film a bondage porn at The Lure, a bondage club in New York, and they were looking for extras.  I was in Los Angeles, but I was coincidentally going to be visiting New York at the same time.  Somehow I got the guts to write him asking him more about it, and probably mentioning that I was nervous, and had never done anything like that before.  In fact, at the time, I probably hadn’t been tied up before at all aside from self-bondage, so that would have been quite a leap for me to dive into a bondage porn shoot right out of the gate.

I was flattered and amazed to get a typed letter response back from him on Bound & Gagged letterhead.  I unfortunately don’t recall the exact wording (and I’ve sadly misplaced the original letter; I’m still looking for it), but it was a short but very gentle, kind response saying I had nothing to worry about, people were welcoming, and he hoped I’d stop by.  As it turns out, I didn’t (I was just too scared, and believe it or not, but only recently out at the time, and New York in general was very overwhelming to me back then), but I never forgot that letter.  It may be part of the reason I enjoy talking to newbies now.  I remember what it was like, and how amazing it was to hear from a bondage icon.  Not that I really think of myself as a bondage icon, but the sentiment still applies.



Early Influences: TieGuyUK & CuteDaemon

One of the first major fetish websites to have an effect on me was TieGuyUK.  They have great, down to earth, yet extremely creative approach to bondage.  It doesn’t hurt that the guys they model and bind are insanely cute.

TieGuyUK back in the day, circa 2007

Many years ago, the site was free.  I used to visit constantly, as you can imagine.  I still think about one of his first models, Scott, sometimes (whatever happened to him?).  To their credit, the site did it’s best to keep things free for as long as they possibly could, but the high traffic they got forced them to charge memberships.  I understand.  I have to admit that I’ve only subscribed once, but I really should do so again.  It’s hard to believe they’re still keeping it up and keeping it fresh all this time later.  And while I don’t believe they’re really into feet, they don’t mind dabbling with a bit of foot/sock/sneaker play from time to time.

Scott, barefoot and in a wetsuit.  One of the first times I saw a guy tied up in gear.  It was super hot.

It’s also because of TieGuyUK I ended up meeting Zac, who I still chat with to this day!  He frequently modeled for the site, and has even been kind enough to send me some exclusive sets.  Search reader contributions and scroll around.  He’s done at least 4 or 5 different sets just here! He also models for Bound Guys quite a bit, too, along with another fave of mine, Tynan Fox.

Zac, in one of the first photo sets he donated here.

Another early influence on me was Cute Daemon.  He has numerous pics available online all over the place.  He had a website where he sold a video cassette (remember those?) of some of his bondage experiences.  This was back in the days where seeing a movie online was not simple, nor common.  This was the dial up days, where it took about 1-2 minutes just to download a single picture.  To see a 2 minute video would involve downloading for about 3 hours and praying no one would call you during that time and interrupt your download.  (Am I bringing back horrible memories for anyone?)  You kids today have it so easy.

In any case, his site really impressed me, because he really was very careful, methodical, and well researched about how he handled the sales.  As independent guy, he knew exactly in which states, areas, and countries it was legal to send off his material (it was outlined in his site).  I don’t think most of us think about that, even now.  I greatly respected his seriousness and attention to detail.  At some point, I contacted him, sending him a fan email.  I believe at the time, I was just starting my own Tripod website as TiedFeetGuy.  He wrote back “Hi TFG”, and I was immediately thrilled.  There was more to the email, but that’s the main thing I still remember to this day.  It was the first time I had thought of my name as an acronym, and it instantly felt right.  While I came up with the name TiedFeetGuy, I credit him with the TFG moniker that I sort of prefer today.

Recently, Daemon has re-released his early movies on DVD.  I personally only owned Debut on video cassette, and got quite a bit of use out of it, so I may find myself ordering The New Toy, too.  It was one of my first major bondage videos I had ever seen.  Not only does he also have incredible feet, but he really shows them off.  Visit his site-still-in-progress here and order one.

Oh, and he does have a Tumblr, too.  And just so you’re not confused, he also goes by the name Kinky Daemon.  One name is intended for work purposes, and one more play.  But it’s the same guy.

I’d love to be tied by either one of these guys!

Early Influences: Erotic Horror

A glimpse into my past and what’s made me the kinky guy I am today.  There are some very sexy and kinky things described, so don’t let the wordiness fool you.  You’ll be turned on. 😉

Back in junior high (well, now they call it “middle school”) and high school, I grew very attracted to The Twilight Zone TV show from the 50’s.  With that came similar books.  I used to read various pre-teen series such as Dark Forces, Twilight (not the one you know now… this pre-dates that and is completely unrelated), and Private School.  This later evolved into Clive Barker (even before I knew he was gay!).  And I also happened to run into an anthology called Hot Blood.

This book was one of my first memorable accounts of utter sexiness and kink.  Now, unfortunately for me (and probably most of you), all the stories are of straight men.  But two particular stories really hit home regardless.  One was called “Punishments” by Ray Garton.  It involved a female church organist who begins seducing a teenage boy.  In one of her toying moments, she has him sitting in a chair, and pulls down his pants and underwear.   She then scoops ice cream onto his hard cock, and tops it off with whipped cream.  She then kneels in front of him and, “slowly, and oh so lovingly, ate her ice cream sundae.”  Now, I don’t know if that’s really an exact quote (I no longer have the book, so I have to go by memory), but the image is definitely burned in my mind nearly 20 years later.  This was one of my first memories of gunge play, and boy, did it really hit home.  The story takes an extremely kinky turn as it turns out this woman was abused by her step-father (or something like that), and starts demanding the young boy start whipping her, torturing her, etc, and starts screaming repeatedly, “Punish me!”  It didn’t take much to identify with many aspects of this story.  Although I wasn’t sure if I identified with being that teenaged boy, or being the one who was corrupting that teenaged boy.  To a certain degree, I still don’t know.  I just knew I sorta wished something like that would happen to me.

This book also had a sequel, Hotter Blood.  (To be honest, it’s actually had many sequels… and they can all be found on Amazon.)  In this book was another story called “The Kind Men Like” by Karl Edward Wagner.  While also straight, there are some very kinky aspects to it that undoubtedly influence my own kinks.  In it (and again, I have to tell this from memory, so I may not be entirely accurate here), a man tries to track down a former porn star, one much like Bettie Page (nicknamed, “Better Page”), who mysteriously vanished from the scene.  He does eventually find her, and it turns out she gains supernatural power from all the sexual energy men create when they jack off to her images.  But she’s finding as she ages, she needs more intense imagery to get these men off.  As I seem to recall, at the high point of the story, she convinces her daughter (!) to be encased in a tight leather sleepsack after having already penetrated her with twin dildos in her vagina and ass, gags her, puts a hood and collar on her, and suspends her upside down by the ankles to struggle and moan at her predicament as the camera begins snapping away pictures of her tightly bound form.  It doesn’t take much to figure out I wanted to be that person. Well, minus the vagina part.  😉  This may be why I love sleepsacks so much today.  I guess in a way, I sort of have lived this one out… although I haven’t yet been suspended upside down in one.

While I don’t read as much horror anymore, in college I was happy to find books similar to this that do cater to the gay crowd, called Queer Fear.  I have read both volumes.  I wish I could say I remember all of them, but it’s been a long time.  I seem to recall that as with most anthologies, some were good, some were so-so, and some were not so good.  I believe very few of the stories were actually kinky (although I do seem to recall a couple were), which seemed like a really sad missed opportunity.  But if this sort of thing is up your alley, give it a read!  I do believe all these books can be found on Amazon, or just searching around a bit with Google.


I was telling a friend/fan of the blog Matt I was about to post this topic.  He mentioned reading a book called The Hydrofoil Mystery by Eric Walters in his school.  To quote him, “There’s one scene towards the end where the young male narrator is tied to a chair and gagged with a cloth, and makes several references to being gagged, unable to speak except in grunts, and biting down on the cloth. Man. That was a rather fond memory, I must say.”

Thanks to our conversation, I recalled one other great source.  Now, going back even a bit younger, there used to be a series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure.  They were pretty awesome, and very popular at the time.  They were just as described.  You’d be reading along, and then at various points, the book would give you options of what to do next.  If you wanted to do such-and-such, you’d turn to page 35, and to do this-and-that, you’d turn to page 72.  Where you’d receive the next set of instructions.  Thus, you did not read them from cover to cover.  They were one of the first interactive experiences I can remember as a kid.

There were many themes:  adventure stories, sci-fi, haunted houses, and even a mystery.  In the book The Mystery of Harlowe Thromby, at one point, if you choose carefully, your character got tied up.  And amazingly enough, they were generous enough to provide a full page illustration of how thoroughly you got bound with a towel wrapped around your head.

As you can imagine, that picture did quite a number of my still-developing perverted little mind.  It’s funny to see it now today; the ropework holds up pretty well, even as an adult.  😉

On that note, I think I’ll end this with a tribute to one of my favorite childhood memories, While the Clock Ticked.






What about you?  Did any of you have a book that influenced you or turned you on as a kid?