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Slave “Labor” Weekend!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this eager online slave.  In case you’ve forgotten, SBS_justin is a name I gave him.  SBS stands for “Slave Bitch Slut”, which is how I regard him.  I haven’t posted much of him on the blog yet, as he is careful about his identity publicly (although he’s shown me quite a bit, personally).  But we’ve been having a number of hot sessions, and he is such a good slut, I felt it was long overdue to post some pics of him.  He’s 22 and is a size 12 shoe.  He took these pics himself specifically for my blog to prove his worth.

In this pic, you can see the dog collar around his neck.  He’s forced to wear that any time he converses with me.  He had to buy it in the pet store, and try it on there.  He was caught by a few people, which humiliated him like he deserved.

He wore these clips on his nips for over 15 minutes… and as you can see, they grip fairly tight and are ridged on top of that, so they’re pretty painful.  But he’s a good little whore…

He dug his nose into his sweaty flips just for me… and made sure I could see his sexy feet as he did so.  I only wish I were there to step on the back of his head and force him to dig in even more!

And if you liked all that, I can tell you there are some big surprises underneath those shorts of his… and I’m not even talking about his cock or balls (though I’ve seen those, too).  Something else he did to demonstrate my ownership of him.  But perhaps that will have to wait for another day…

Yet more guest slaves tomorrow, and later in the day, some more thoughts from me, Master TFG.  A triple post day!

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