TFG: Long(ish) Term Chastity Saga, Atlloki

New posts begin!  And this is another long one, to make up for the break.  This post is in two parts:  an update to my chastity play, and a short meet with Atlloki. With a humorous surprise at the very end.

Oh, and if you want to know more about the new look, visit this post.

TFG Chastity Update

I do have to admit, chastity is quite addicting.  And many of you are not helping me quit anytime soon.

After hearing my complaints about how delicate my balls are in the CB-6000, extremely generous reader ccontrol actually took the liberty and mailed me off his old steel belt that he no longer uses, along with directions and tips on how to use it.

It’s fairly intimidating looking unassembled (scroll down here a bit to see), but not too difficult to put together.  Now, I would never post pics of myself wearing it.  So let’s say these model pics came from an anonymous donor, shall we?  The black tape on the sides is to hold the rubber casing on the belt in place, which comes loose quite easily.

Now, in case you’re wondering, here’s what it looks like beneath underwear.

Later, I got this same model to send me pics of the same underwear in the CB-6000, so you can compare.  We’ll get to that tomorrow.

So the good news about it is that it’s more comfortable than it looks.  The belt really didn’t get much in my way, despite appearances.  The rubber around the belt portion can stick to your skin.  Not in a painful way, similar to the way your skin sticks to a vinyl car seat on a hot summer day.  And the belt part is a bit awkward to hide under regular clothing (although the crotch part looks way more natural). I did wear it for a total of 15 hours, and that included going out (and meeting Atlloki, which I’ll get to next).  But it wasn’t perfect for me.

The big problem?  There’s a steel loop that goes around the balls.  On my first wear, the belt wasn’t properly aligned, and sat too low on my hips.  Which caused my balls to get tugged at.  I’m also dubious of how comfortable it’d be to sleep in, although I did manage a small nap with it on without much problem or discomfort around the belt.  Now, ccontrol has given me a few tips to adjust it a bit, but it’s actually going to take some tools and time.  So for the time being, I’ve returned to my CB-6000.  Fortunately, I’ve since found what seems to be a good sizing for me with that, so it hasn’t been too uncomfortable.

Ultimately, after the 15 hour day, I decided to take it off until I could adjust it, and sleep the night free (although I remained chaste on the honor system).  First thing the next morning, though, I went directly to the CB-6000 to see if I could last my first full 24 hours.

How long did I remain in the CB-6000?  I’ll post more of my chastity saga tomorrow!  Same blog time, same blog address!

Atlloki in Person

So in a coincidence that rivals the most twisted cinematic plot, a few hours after I posted this, I discovered from Atlloki’s twitter feed that he was in Los Angeles for a convention (as the first part of his name implies, he’s usually in Atlanta).  Less than an hour after that and a few messages back and forth, we set up to meet for lunch the next day.  Which was quite surreal in itself.  Never would I have dreamed that I’d be meeting an established, active kinkster, let alone one I admire, the day after I posted about them.

Now, I was originally a fan of one of his pups, tallglassofoj.  I had initially chatted with him before he met Atlloki.  So I had a lot of questions about him.  And I found out OJ/Tebow pays more attention to me than I realized, don’t you pup?  *wag wag* 🙂  But it was also great to just chat with Atlloki as a person as well.  He was a great guy, and very easy to talk to.  And it was very cool hearing about his long term relationship outside of his pups, as well as his switch from pup to Owner.  I called him and OJ the Laurel & Hardy of the kinkster twitter world, which he seemed to enjoy.  But I think having a sense of humor about things says a lot about people, and despite the nasty, depraved stuff that gets us off in the kink world, you should always be able to step back and laugh about it.

As fate would further have it, it was the same day I decided to the wear the belt pictured above.  But I figured he’d enjoy knowing it, and I did in fact show him a pic with me wearing it.  Look out OJ, you may be next to wear it. 😉

If I ever do visit Atlanta, I would love to met with both of them, as well as anyone else in their circle.  And with some luck, perhaps I’ll run into Atlloki again in the future.  It was a great time and a treat for me.  I thank him for taking the time out of his schedule to make it happen.

One last note related to the chastity pics

While the pic below seems very random, if you go back and look carefully at the chastity pics, you may find it relates.  Just couldn’t resist, and I did have to acknowledge I, and the original contributor, knew it was there.  See, I have a sense of humor, too.  🙂

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