TFG in a Vac Cube, Part 1

Thanks to a long-time reader gratdelay, I was generously offered to try out his home made Vac Cube.  He had to types, a standard cube, and a standing cube.  We’ll begin with the standard cube.

First off, after seeing how much work it took to set up (probably 20 minutes), it’s amazing to me he was able to make this himself.

Before pic.  What I was about to enter.

 After, with me inside.  Uh, it was pretty awesome.

Of course, I have to have close ups of my feet.

And lastly, if you didn’t notice, I’m also wearing a rubber hood and ballgag.  And he decided to torment me further by strapping a used Vibram to my face.  

There’s more to my play time, but we’ll take a small side track into chastity first.

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