TFG in a Vac Cube, Part 2

After some time in the more standard cube, gratdelay let me be the first person to use his newly constructed standing vac cube.  This time, as you will see, wearing a chastity belt (more on that in a future post).

Leather hood, ballgag, and Vibram shoe for good measure.

I couldn’t be too selfish… I got to run the vacuum while the creator of the cube stepped inside breifly.

Back to my own time in the cube.  With a focus on my feet.  At this point, the cube was tipped over at an angle.  It was a strange feeling, sort of like being suspended.

I have to say, it was very, very hot experience.  There was a slight problem, though… the cube had a bit of a leak.  We couldn’t figure out where.  So over time, it would start to loosen.  The problem was remedied by turning the vacuum back on.  As it turns out, the “reapplication” of the cube was actually the hottest part.  I’m not ashamed to say that I audibly moaned very time it happened, as it felt I was becoming encased all over again.  So the problem was a good one for me, and remains my favorite memory of the experience.  (He later found out there was a 4 inch tear… no wonder it was leaking!)

We did have all intentions of also using a vac bed.  After all this, you may think it’d be no big deal, but those generally also encase your head, which he assured me gives it a very different feeling.  Sadly, though that also had a very large tear in it (which had happened just before I had arrived), so that didn’t happen.  Maybe on the next trip.  But instead, in the next post, I’ll share with you more about the chastity belt, and a bit of a rubber surprise.

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