TFG’s Foot 3some, Part 4–TFG’s turn

I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this pass me by.  I’ve never had pairs of feet in my face before, and it was quite hot.  Did I mention that SaltLakeFootman had been wearing the same ankle socks all week?  The scent was amazing.

Now, since I am touchy about face pics, these are the only ones I’m comfortable sharing.  But I do hope you enjoy, as pics of me worshiping feet are extremely rare.  I’m in the red stripped shirt, and then later, ahem, shirtless.

20150720_191432 Photo Jul 20, 7 11 45 PM-ntb Photo Jul 20, 7 11 50 PM-ntb Photo Jul 20, 7 11 53 PM-ntb 20150720_19505920150720_194923-ntb20150720_194912-ntb20150720_194904-ntb20150720_194856-ntb20150720_194618-ntb20150720_194612Photo Jul 20, 7 50 17 PM-ntb


Yes, that’s me under there, buried behind all those delicious toes.

Photo Jul 20, 7 52 43 PMPhoto Jul 20, 7 52 45 PM

My view from the floor.


Now, I don’t want to give too much away, but I may have ended up on my knees, shirtless, and maybe jerking off onto what turned out to be SLFman’s foot.  And I may or may not have licked up that cum from his foot.  But I’ll have to leave that to your imagination.  I don’t want to give too much away…

IMG_0039 IMG_0038

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