And what shall I do with this knowledge?

I have found out that I live 3 blocks away from Zac Eferon. And I’m not kidding.

Okay, the evidence could be wrong. But it’s pretty strong.

I follow a site called Just Jared. It’s a celebrity-fucking blog. I typically don’t follow this kind of thing, but they do semi-frequently post pics of the cute boi celebs, and it can be a good place to get new and original pics of them.

I started suspecting things when they mentioned Zac hanging out at places that I actually go to and are near me (he’s been spotted at the Urban Outfitters in Studio City, a local coffee shop called Paty’s, another local coffee place called Aroma, a local French Bakery called Chez Nous), and it frequently mentions he lives in Toluca Lake, which is the city I border. They also occasionally show him leaving his condo building:


Now, there is a condo building I pass every time I run to the grocery store or other such errands. And after looking at all these pics, and driving past it again today, I am convinced it is the same building. All the details line up: the pillar lamppost, the white door, the railing decorations, the ramp down to the garage, the rock design, coloring, and the painted parking garage pillars. I shared this info with my BF, who initially thought I was crazy, but now, after seeing the pics and the condo building for himself, is also convinced. The best part? It’s close enough for me to walk to.

I do think Zac is hot. And now, it’s somehow even hotter to know that every time I jerk off to his feet, he may only be a short walk away from me. So close, and yet so far… šŸ˜‰

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