What’s the best way to get feet to smell?

I’m asking this on behalf of my BF. Myself, my feet can be smelly or clean, and I know how to achieve both fairly easily. But with Sam… not so much.

His feet, left to their own devices, are generally dry and completely odor-free. Some occasional lotion has essentially cured the dry problem, but getting some foot odor is proving to be more difficult. We have discovered one pair of shoes that he can wear without socks that will work great. Problem is, they are very casual, and could not be worn to his workplace… which is, like, 90% of the time.

Wearing socks, even for 3 days, only gets a very mild odor at best–at it’s difficult enough for him to wait that long, as he tends to be a bit OCD about wearing clothes for more than one day.

I don’t need a raunchy, rank foot smell (although I can enjoy that, too), but I need at least a minor smell to get me going. Does anyone have any tips, pointers, or things that we could try? Leave me a comment, or join in on the discussion I started on feet.tv.

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