TFG Thoughts: Halloween is my favorite time of year

So I am a big fan of Halloween haunts.  Living here in Southern California, there’s quite an abundance of them.  The original theme park haunt, Knott’s Berry Farm, is quite a classic.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

Often times, these haunts have prop bodies that are usually in various states of torture… and bondage.  Naturally, the later appeals to me.  I managed to grab the following two pics of the same figure:

This one, despite the obvious skin peeling around the brain, struck me as especially hot and unusual for such figures.  First of all, it’s male.  Barefoot (with fairly realistic looking feet, too).  Shirtless.  Chained up.  And gagged.  Which is a fairly rare combination.  I felt it was worth posting here.  Gore aside… it’s kinda hot.

On a similar note, this is the first year the infamous Blackout haunt, after running many years in New York, is being done in Los Angeles.  This is considered the most intense haunted house attraction out there, and while it varies from year to year, it often contains elements that would be of interested to people here at this blog.  First of all, you must go through it alone.  The actors may touch you.  And you may be asked to perform certain tasks.  Reported past experiences have mentioned:  seeing people fully nude and engaging in (assumed to be simulated) sex acts, to have to grab a “bloody” tampon from a crazed female patient, being forced to remove one shoe and sock, only to find it later on in the haunt in a pile of discarded shoes and socks (but not before having to walk on a floor strewn with condoms, first), being bound, hooded, and forced to bark like a dog.

I really struggled (no pun intended) if I wanted to try it or not.  The creepy stuff doesn’t bother me so much, but being alone does.  I can be a bit of a scaredy cat, and especially when it comes to “jump out at me suddenly” sort of stuff.  And I have heard of one instance where, after being made to wait in the darkness for minutes in pitch darkness alone, they’d suddenly pop a balloon in your ear.  Believe it or not, but that sort of stuff would terrify me.

As it turns out, the decision was sort of made for me… it’s already sold out.  But I’ll wait and see how the reviews are, and depending on what they say, I may try it next year.  And if anyone does go, either to LA or NY’s version, let me know.

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