TFG Pic Logos are coming!

So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.  I’ve really been enjoying the new logo that Restwalker created for me, and I thought it’d be a perfect way for me to tag pics, much like they do at Soccer Bondage.

But I really didn’t have enough experience (or, as it turns out, the correct program) to put a transparent background on it like I wanted.  Yeah, I managed to pull it off for my blog header, but I have to admit to you, I totally jerry-rigged that whole thing via Publisher and doing screen caps.  I know, I know!  And I knew that was not a practical way to tag pics they way I needed to.

So after a bit more research, I finally found a program that did what I needed (Corel PaintShop Pro, to be precise), and the results are to be seen below.

I’m so excited!  This has been long overdue.  I can’t tell you how often I run into pics from my blog (mostly Pasha) that cut off my tags.  It’s been quite a task at least crediting them after the fact.  It can still be cut off I suppose, but not without cropping a lot more of the pic.  Well, that’s what you get if you decide to take away someone else’s work credit–lower quality.

The only bad thing is that I have at least a month or two’s worth of pics with my old “” tags already saved on them before I can really use this new logo.  So you won’t see it again for a while.  But it will be coming!

Oh, and you may be wondering about that sample pic… well, that’s me from a self play session.  And yes, I will post more about it, including pics, later.  But those pics will still have the old tagging for now, even this one.  I had to cut off a bit at the bottom of this pic to make this new logo work.  For the time being, I’d rather post the full pic with the old logo when I get to it.  After all, you’ll be able to see a bit more of an outline of my cock.  😉

*     *     *

Oh, as for my survey for the straight guys… I’m keep that up for one more week, to give everyone a chance to vote.  So if you haven’t already, vote… especially if you are straight!  I’ve actually gotten a few emails from a few of you, and it’s been really quite fascinating.

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