Straight Guys: You are not alone

I’ve heard from a few straight guys before, but ever since I posted my stories with PAW_ss (one of my male cyber slaves that identifies as straight), I’ve been hearing from many, many other straight guys.  With permission from a few of them, I’m sharing a few of their words (names redacted, of course).

First up was from reader J:

Another straight guy here with an almost identical fantasy to your current one, except replace the clothespins and CBT with tickling.

I bet you have more straight readers than you think

I did reply, and he’s interested in writing more, so maybe we’ll hear from him again one day.  He did mention that it’s rare he gets to talk about this.  And he actually turns out to be not too far away from me, but he’s also in a relationship right now, which makes a meet a bit uncomfortable for him.  Fair enough.

Next I heard from B.O.

Hello sir,
My name is [redacted] and I am from [redacted]. I really really love your website and it would be an honor to be your slave if you ever come to [my city]. I love being tied, tickled and edged with the master cumming on my soles to complete the slave aspect. I would love the opportunity to submit to you. I hope you like my feet with the attached photos! I hope to talk to you soon 🙂

Here’s some feet pics he sent, and he did say it was okay to post them.  Sadly for me, B.O.’s location is nowhere near me.  Pity.

sts (3) sts (2) sts (1)

After a few email exchanges, B.O. followed up with:

As a straight guy. I like being dominated by another guy. Being tied in multiple bondage positions and being edged with vibrators, having to beg to be allowed to cum, and having my defenseless bare feet tickle tortured. When previous girlfriends have engaged in tickle fights with me, I always won and it led to sex, this dosen’t. So it’s different you know? Ultimately I really like to be tied and up have my feet used to pleasure my master and used for torture.

Why can’t he live closer to me?  Oh well.  Perhaps we’ll hear from him even more in the future.

Finally, I got this very detailed email from a guy I’ll call FratDude.  I suppose it does contain some language some may find offensive, but I think he’s honestly expressing himself, and I didn’t want to censor it.

Hey Tiedfeetguy,

I dunno how to really start this email off. I have been looking at your blog for the past couple of months and definitely share some of your interests, but I am kinda unsure about them.

I have been going back and forth about emailing you but your one post about having a straight slave made me want to say something whether you reply or not. I just wanted to share some of my story though cuz I don’t want my friends knowing this.

So basically I am a typical straight beer loving, preppy, frat boy that parties and has sex with slutty girls. But uh I have been kind of obsessed with the feet and shoes of the guys in my dorm. We’re juniors and they are all typical frat boys that wear sperrys all the time and no socks, or with short black socks or they wear flip flops. When they aren’t here I sometimes smell their sperrys that reek of their bare feet and sweat and leather and musk and all that. I get a boner when I do it and think about doing more like kissing or licking them but I am not a fag. Only one guy is here with me for the summer and lately i have been doing all the cleaning and clothes washing which sucks but I like it at the same time. Anyway I dunno if i am a slave like you say in your posts but i thought I would write and if you don’t reply whatever, but hopefully you do cuz I want answers.

I did write him back and got his permission to share this, and he added:


Thanks for taking the time to write. I was wondering if I mad a mistake or not haha cuz I am still unsure about all of this.

I am glad to know that there are other guys like me that are totally straight and also like feet. I am not sure if I am a slave either, but I dunno I guess sometimes I feel like submissive or something.

If you want to post it without my name then that’s cool I guess. It would be helpful to let others know about this and kinda humiliating at the same time haha.

Hope you feel properly humiliated, B.H.  😀  I don’t know if I do have all the answers, but I just sharing these responses may help all these straight guys know they are not alone.  If anyone has any other thoughts to share, straight or gay, I’d love to hear them.

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