TFG Chastity Update

So when I recently got to meet up with Metalbond, he asked me what my current experience with chastity was.  It was a good question, so I thought I’d share here as well.

To be totally honest, I haven’t thought about chastity all that much lately.  When I have, I’ve pretty much just resorted to self-denial.  I do “enjoy” that, and mainly because it’s simpler.  It does take a lot of trust, and it’s pretty tempting to break.  And I can’t lie, often I have.

So why don’t I lock myself up?  It mostly goes back to the problem I’ve mentioned many times before… in my particular case, my balls are very, very small.  I enjoy CBT and having my balls tied up, but even my husband can have a difficult time doing so… they notoriously slip out of ties constantly.  I have the same problem with most chastity devices I’ve tried.  Even the CB-6000, which has many sizing options, can completely and unintentionally slip right off my entire unit, still locked into place.  I couldn’t even get my balls through the ring of a Bon-4… they’re so small, they weren’t big enough to slip through the hole and stay (which, I imagine, would be a problem I’d encounter with any device that has a solid ring for the balls–even if that ring is pliable).

It’s very disappointing, because at a Stockroom sale, I bought myself the Houdini chastity device, which I think it super hot.  And I do know already from a similar device that I find the tube for the cock to be incredibly comfortable.  But–you guessed it–even at its smallest setting, the cuff wouldn’t hold my balls.  It was like a hula hoop trying to tightly secure a basketball.  Just wasn’t going to happen.

The Houdini

I do have a belt-type device, as I mentioned quite a while ago in this post.  And while the metal part over the cock and balls are quite comfortable and easy to wear, I do find the belt portion unwieldy.  And my attempts to create a more comfortable option were only met with mixed success.

When I’ve asked about this before, most people say that I need to get a custom device, say from Steelwerks.  However, that’s quite expensive.  And for me personally, my interest in chastity doesn’t quite hit that price point yet.  Maybe in the future, after I’ve paid off my Deluxe Custom Leather Sleepsack.  In the meantime, it’s mostly self-denial for me.

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