Kingsmen, and a bit of this & that

I know this is pretty old, but it’s finally on cable, and I couldn’t help revisiting the classic hot scene.  Besides, most of the caps don’t have a good foot shot, so I thought I’d include that.  It’s the clearest foot shot I could get, and I went frame by frame.  You’re welcome.

IMG_8795 IMG_8796 IMG_8797 IMG_8798

On an unrelated note, I saved up a few pics I thought were hot enough to post on their own.  The first is this one.  The idea of worshiping a foot while trapped underneath another is incredibly hot.  The sense of being controlled by feet is just as strong as their certain odor.


Next up are these amazing soles being tortured.  And I love the cuffs around the ankles and toes.  Those feet aren’t going anywhere.


Next, I enjoyed this progression of seeing a sub gagged, unsure, and then tortured.


Just liked this pic of a slave with his face enveloped by Converse, looking very submissive.


And lastly, a very hot (though grainy) sole pic of Pup Amp!


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