Review: Tyler Rush, Bank Manager Abducted

So not too long ago, my husband got himself a subscription to, and he kindly downloaded a few videos that would interest me.  One of them features a very hot guy I’ve liked, Tyler Rush/Pup Amp.  You may know him and Bolt from their Watt’s the Safeword series on YouTube, but Tyler has quite a porn career of his own.  I chose this particular video because it seems to show off quite a bit of his feet, which I don’t feel I see enough in his other pics.  He usually shows off his very fine ass, which I’m not complaining about… but as a foot guy, I’m always interested in soles.

As a disclaimer, I do not have any sponsorship or affiliation with (though I may one day look into it), so this is just a personal opinion.  Much of the time, a lot of their videos don’t really appeal to me as much as I’d expect, and I can’t really quite say why.  I think much of the time, they use fairly buff men, and I’m more into twinks.  That said, they do have a variety, and with Tyler (and a few others I’ll review later), I feel I do get my twink count in.

I did find myself enjoying this vid, which has the full titled of “Bank Manager Abducted and Edged to his Limit”.  As you can see, he get footworshiped in the first major kink scene, as well as rimmed and blown.  He moans a lot, which I always enjoy hearing.  He later gets tied on all fours (basically the only two major positions in the entire vid, though he does get tied face up and jerked off with a bit of tickling at the very end, but the scene is much shorter).  More rimming and blowing, but also some foot worship and foot tickling (though that part is fairly quick).  He later gets faced fucked with a dildo on a stick at the same time his penetrated with another dildo on a stick… a very humiliating situation that he moans and slobbers loudly about, which surprisingly got me off even more than seeing his feet.  It’s that humiliation aspect, and I’m a sucker when a slave moans, groans, gags, and slobbers.  And he does all that.

tyler01 tyler02 tyler03tyler04 tyler05

I did enjoy this vid quite a bit, but surprisingly for me, it was the dildo spitroast (pictured above) that got me off the most.  But if you’d been wanting to see his feet and soles, this vid is the one for you.


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